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To touch, to feel, to choose the beautiful, to find the best, to produce, to design, to differentiate, to share, to live, to keep alive...


Presents Original Collections

Roller Blind
Zebra Curtains
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Original curtains that shape the trends


Adding warmth to life

The principle that guides us in our design process is to add delicacy and warmth to life. First of all, we want to make the individual feel in harmony with the place they are in.


İstanbul’dan Şanghay’a

Turuncu Dizayn continues to present its roller blind collections to the whole world with its production facilities located in Istanbul and Shanghai, and its international dealership and distributorship network that is expanding day by day.

Istanbul Showroom and Design Office
Istanbul Printing Center
Shanghai (China) Showroom
Zhejiang (China) Fabric Factory

Curtain to the
whole world

Turuncu Dizayn continues to develop global dealership network to bring collections to consumers all over the world.

Wherever you are in the world, you can contact us for information on how we can work together.