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Roller Blinds

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A roller blind is a curtain system that works by wrapping and opening the curtain fabric around a roll with a pulling mechanism. Roller blinds are the most practical and least-maintenance curtain option.

Roller blinds, which are the most preferred curtain system for offices today, are also a great alternative to traditional curtains in homes.

Manual or motorized mechanisms can be preferred according to different areas.

Turuncu Dizayn Roller Blind Collection is the best exist for a magnificent look.

Turuncu Dizayn offers collections in 4 different types of roller blinds that partially or completely block the sunlight, depending on the type of fabric used.

It is the most preferred fabric type that comes to mind first when it comes to roller blinds. Turuncu Dizayn Roller Blinds with wide color and pattern options are offered to you with woven and digital printing options. 

It provides full privacy & protection against sunlight with blackout fabrics. It is a great option for conference rooms and presentation rooms, offices and rooms that receive a lot of sun.

Turuncu Dizayn Blackout roller blinds will add refinement to your decoration journey with its original motifs, weaving and digital printing alternatives.



With translucent fabrics, it also allows the outside to be seen without sacrificing privacy. It prevents harmful sunlight from reaching the room. It prevents the textile products, devices and furniture in the space from being worn out by the effect of sunlight. It provides a more comfortable and livable environment.

It is effective in maintaining the ambient temperature balance and saving energy.

Turuncu Dizayn sunscreen roller blinds add warmth to the space where they are used with their refined tastefully designed motifs, weaving and digital printing alternatives.


Tulle roller blinds allow the roller blind to be used not only as a sunshade or backdrop, but also as a tulle curtain.

Turuncu Dizayn Tulle Stolar curtains add elegance to the environment with their transparent texture, woven and digital printing options.